Nama - Photographed by Diana Iskander

NAMA is where life takes a pause, so great Italian food can be enjoyed with family and friends. ⁠

NAMA's culinary concept is creating as traditionally Neapolitan dishes as possible, using great quality ingredients. The result is this uniquely Neapolitan restaurant in the capital of Malta. ⁠For the interiors of NAMA, we decided to combine two different styles, industrial design and contemporary design, to create a unique atmosphere that we saw best suits the food concept that is being served. ⁠ ⁠The striking colour in the ceiling of NAMA adds warmth to the space while creating an element of playfulness that pops. On the floor, we managed to reuse the original tiles that we found on site which date back to the '80s. This was combined with a more modern concrete flooring which was carefully merged to retain a part of history. ⁠ 

Project name: Nama 
Location: Valletta, Malta
Project by DAAA Haus
Photography by Diana Iskander
Contact for photoshoots +36202005814 or

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