Osteria Donna Carmela photographed by Diana Iskander
Project: DAAA Haus
Restaurant:Osteria Donna Carmela 
Photograhy: Diana Iskander
Location: St Julians, Malta

Inspired by the Milanese osteria of the 50's, Osteria Donna Carmela has a contemporary design fused with traditional elements which perfectly represent the delicious food that is passionately prepared and perfectly served. The raw rendered walls, patterned tiles and traditional furniture pay homage to the origin of the traditional Italian eateries. This was combined with a selection of contemporary lighting design, innovative materials, and a curated selection of decor. The focus was to create a rustic contemporary space that was not overthought or overwrought. There was a great deal of pressure to create something soulful and anchored to history, while always keeping in mind the times we are living in today. The restaurant shows the perfect balance between rustic and timeless elegance while creating a comfortable cosy ambience. Osteria Donna Carmela offers a window into the style and flavours of Italy from Spinola. For the colder months, one can enjoy the most seasonal and freshest produces from Italian regions inside the snug environment, whilst its charming terrace located over the picturesque old bay in the heart of St. Julian’s is perfect for a sunny day taking the view in, one sip at a time from a nicely paired bottle of wine.
For photoshoots contact: Diana Iskander +36202005814 or iskanderdia@gmail.com

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