Disrupt Street Fashion store Malta
Distrupt Street Fashion store houses some of the best original sports streetwear brands as well as new iconic pop culture hyper-specific brands for the growing multi cultural bi-coastal youth. Practical-but-cool clothes, that evolved as a DIY reaction to the ideals of the luxury fashion industry and its seasonal schedules, eschewing boring professionalism and prohibitively expensive high quality fabrications in favour of rawness, attitude, creativity, and community. Whilst there will always be an argument about what exactly streetwear is, or how it has changed, for us at Disrupt; as the name itself implies; it is about freedom, creativity and innovation. More than anything it is about mixing classics with a blank tee ready to be screen-printed - a NEW FASHION REVOLUTION.

Client: Disrupt
Design: DAAA Haus
Photographer: Diana Iskander
Location: Sliema, Malta

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