Lady Todd Hotel
Client: Lady Todd
Project by DAAA Haus 
Photography by Diana Iskander
Location: Sliema, Malta

Lady Todd is in the Heart of Sliema, well suited to the avid culture vulture as well as the urban traveller. The new design direction was to create a new hotel that complements the existing one. The concept has a feminine approach while still keeping a modern, clean and simple design. The main difference in the design is the selection of materials that completely transforms the room; from the patterned textiles used for the headboard, the brass touches in the open wardrobe and the selection of accessories and artwork used. The room also has a vintage style, which gives a sense of nostalgia. The idea was that this would reflect the emotional side of the female character while creating the feeling that it has always been there, at the end the original building has more than 60 years of history. While designing the facade we also kept in mind the original features of the architecture that were restored and complemented by the appropriate design elements to make them standout, such as the simple brass logo underneath the stone sculpture. The element of the old vs new continues on the inside where one can find design details such as of the metal stairs railing, the doors and tiles which are inspired by the story of the building contrasted by modern furniture used in the room. The hotel also hosts a small coffee shop which can be used by the residents. The coffee shop design was done with the same approach, so it has a vintage, elegant and modern design which keeps it feeling fresh!

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