Bottone photograped by Diana Iskander
Pasticerria in Sicily

Project name: Bottone 
Location: Ragusa, Sicily
Project by DAAA Haus
Photography by Diana Iskander
Bottone Specialist Pasticerria, situated in the heart of Ragusa, is not your typical Italian pastry shop. Bottone, being the surname of the founding brothers, inspired the brand identity; stylised red button symbolising the surname and seal of quality. This design has been implemented in various areas within the experience. DAAA Haus along with sister company Logix Creative have come up with a concept giving the product and establishment a strong, luxurious brand experience. This has been achieved through the effect of minimal and clean designs, the use of luxurious material, brass trimmings and touches of designer elements such as Vondom Stools. The idea is to shed a different light on what is typically known as an Italian pastry shop, hence creating a luxurious Cannoli shop.
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